Over the past 35 years, the CBS literature has been dominated by studies and case reports from European and English speaking countries. It is therefore refreshing to discover a CBS study undertaken in Eastern Africa.

Professor Yaswant Vagrecha, based at the School of Psychology at Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia, investigated vision-impaired university students (21 - 43 yrs of age). Vagrecha (2016) discovered the presence of CBS amongst the majority of such students. This research is valuable on three counts:

  • It is the first known CBS study ever conducted on the African continent.
  • It found that CBS can occur in early adulthood where there is acquired vision loss. 
  • This reinforces the finding of a German study (Elflein et al, 2016) which also reported that CBS is not solely an elderly condition.  



Vagrecha, Y.S. (2016) Revisiting the Charles Bonnet Syndrome in Visually Impaired Students in Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia.  Indian Journal of Community Psychology, 12(1): 1-8.