The UK's The Telegraph newspaper published a 2013 article entitled: Why are ophthalmologists not warning patients about Charles Bonnet Syndrome?

Written by former TV actress, Judith Potts, she recounts her own late mother's CBS experience in 2007 and how little appeared to have changed some 6 years later. Ms Potts mentions she had recently encountered two more people living with CBS. She was aghast to learn that -still in 2013- neither had been forewarned by their ophthalmologist of the possibility of CBS. 

The current voice coach had first raised concerns about CBS' relative invisibility amongst the medical fraternity back in 2007 with a published article in the same newspaper. She revisits the matter some 6 years hence and discovers to her disappointment and frustration that the medical field had seemingly not taken heed of her message.  The crux of her May 2013 piece can be summarised by the following two quotes: 

I am staggered at how many members of the Royal College of Ophthalmology are defying their college's recommendation that 'health professionals must warn patients about the risk of CBS at, or soon after, [vision impairment] diagnosis.' 

Charles Bonnet...who discovered the syndrome in his grandfather, would be horrified that there are still eye specialists who are reluctant to take seriously this debilitating and frightening condition.

(The Telegraph, 27/5/2013)